Monday, May 22, 2006

can't b very excited tho.... the weekend was all a different...20 may (saturday) was my bday... and this time very unusually was too quite... am so happy for da first time in ma life i gotta call from my dad at 12 midnite......wishing me....followed by my bro and that really was a booster for me as i neva expcted them to wish me at dat shouts, no cakes, no bangs nothng this was all quite and i really liked this silence ...was watchng movie all nite (i always do on weekends) slept mrng gotup and my mom rushed me to dress up and ther starts my temple saga....

my homies wished me and slowly i strtd gettin calls all over ..... felt a bit happy as they still rmber this date tho am not wiv any of those fr atleast past 8 months... off to temple (ragi gudda) near by as my mom booked for a pooja at 11 ....which is way lengthy and we all made sit for hours.....i liked it for my mums satisfaction....then back home and slept all day....later gatherd my mates to a near by restrnt to cherish the day....

the next day again the temple visits continued...this time i got my frnds car and started the journey wth my mom, my other house mate and her was a pretty hectic to drive even in a clean sunday ...however thaz the best option if u wanna take elderly ladies to anywer.... this time its ISKCON and this is my 3rd time visit and i really anticipated this visit as i always like the ambience in the temple....


Later proceded to tha anjaneya temple nearer to ISKCON....i hate the parking thingy every wer as it really was a big pain in the neck work... then we wer heading to bull temple which is quite far from ISKCON.... we aptly reachd govardan temple jus before it closes...the temple is quite different as its been set up like shri krishna lifting the mountain to save the villagers....and finally we got in to bull temple which is pretty catchty wth amazing parks surrounded....

The royal ladies in Basavangudi :)

Back hme arnd late after noon....was really tired to do anything else and slept again....that ends our 'tour of temples' tour and the spiritual weekend.... the weekend was indeed different and it was a 'silent bliss' for me all 2 days.... :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Now for a lovely spell type, love letter, prayerish, poem break
by yours truly.

Get Quiet.

Reverse the curse
Undo what's been done
Watch for a path where the footsteps began
washed over some
by sand moon and sun

Find an honest thief with a camera lens for eyes
Dine with him by the ocean where the apparation cries

Speak of the sacred circle
Women healers did prepare
Recite once a conversation
which caused concern or despair

Thank your angels and your parents - listen closely to your dreams
Be patient, light a candle QUITENEING now your scream, your scream
your scream your scream.

Amen. Abrakadrah. SHAZAM. Poof.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Carrying a bundle of wounds with me, i xpose my diaries...

a couple of months though it feels like years...

Friday, December 23, 2005

Another person has Ended his tour here
Yet another to be remembered
To think about it,
Many things happened,
Many things done
Yet all in the end have to leave
Leaving new people to replace them
To move on with the life here
Just as things change,
People too.
Thinking about the times we had
The things we did together
And the circle of friends we had
Things change and now all I am Waiting for is
My turn to go


That brings the total number of children that were saved from Distasio to nine...

How many people believe that 9 is the final amount of victims?

He was trying to build a pedophile sanctuary which was subsequently shut down in the middle of a funding deal with Nambla that was intercepted..I outed him in alt.hackers.malicious, and several weeks later he was arrested..police found journals and logs on his computer indicating he was sadistically abusing autistic children who did not know how to speak of their abuse due to their handicap. He preyed on the weakest segment of our society, and I believe without this war we would have never been able to save those children..

This is a good day.. we can see the results of our work, and know that it is saving lives..
We track our targets for the duration of their tenure on earth by Database Tracking

This Database will be available for public and law-enforcement use in early 2006

Pedophile Sanctuary: Destroyed

Funds: Intercepted

Target: Destroyed

Accomplice: Committed Suicide

Children Saved: Nine

Mission : Complete


Chris Nolan (Accomplice) -Suicide -OWNED


Phillip Distasio a.k.a Brother Pateticus -OWNED



rikijo (alt.hackers.malicious)

song : Get Down

Before yesterday i went to Airport.
My friend went to Japan for work training!!
mahh.. why not me ?? hahaha..
Just kidding! I said welcome to him ^_^
I ask my friend go to concert replace me..
I wish he can do! T_T

Yesterday my emotion really bad.. kimochi ga warui desu!
My PC was fixed and I use it in evening and try to set softwear.. but at night it broken ... again!!!!!!!!!
T_T... I wish today I can fix it!

.. so I'm very very upset!


My PC become better! ^_^
I wish tomorrow can listen tobase yo!
Maybe Tsubasa will play「 VENUS 」^v^
I wish to listen Thai version by live concert ne..

>> 新企画・tobaseリスナー意識調査

>> In new plan tobase listener conscious investigation "What the most important one for life? Writing those which you think that " among the following, you are most important, the mail please do. "Money" "friend" "love" "family" "health"

** For me? .. now!
「家族」= Family
My family always care me and they concern about me too!
Someone care each other is the most important for me ^^

... It always happen today too!
*** T&T 「 頑張ってね。」

★★ I miss you ..

So, today I went to the mall. Yes, I know that everyone is surprised and thinking, "Since when was he allowed to go back in the mall?" Well I had to bribe some officials, but the point is that I went to the mall to buy some presents for people. First I went to Pac Sun, and I was wearing my "I Eat Glue" shirt. So these two little kids (probably middle school) were like, "You eat glue?" And I'm like "Your mom eats glue" and then I swiftly beat feet. Then some other person that works there was like, "You eat glue?" And I'm like "Yeah... it means that I have sticky fingers" and then I swiftly beat feet out of that accursed store. I should've said "You just lost a customer, [explitive]" and then waltz out screaming "RACIST!" But I didn't. Anyways, I went to American Beagle next, and got a gift card for $15.15. The cash register lady was like "That's an odd amount, is that just all the money you have on hand?" So I said to her "Naw, it's a riddle for my friend." Then she asked me to explain, and I'm like "It's a day. The fifteenth month and the fifteenth day. Like a solstice thingy." "But there are only 12 months." "Yeah I know, it's supposed to be 3, but you guys don't sell cards that low. Yeah, 3.14 is pi day, so 3.15 is the day after pi day." Then I took my stolen merchandise, and walked out like a Disco Bandit. Then I saw a lot of school peoples and left. The End.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

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